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In order to explain this, we’ll need to get more specific with our questioning. Dollie is a Docker powered platform and by its very nature is platform agnostic. This means that Dollie can deploy WP installs to any cloud infrastructure provider. From our pricing page, https://getdollie.com/pricing/, there are two basic models in play: On the main Dollie Server-Fleet and on a dedicated node

Dollie Main Server-Fleet

Our main Dollie server-fleet is hosted with OVH due to incredible performance, uptime, and great pricing. This is the first place you’ll be deployed to. It is located in Beauharnois, Canada.

Dedicated Node

As per the pricing plan, when you reach 40+ customers we will move you to your own dedicated node. As Dollie is platform agnostic, you can choose to deploy to a server your provide to us, or you let us keep managing the infrastructure. This means that you can have Dollie deploy WP installations onto any commercially available data-center in the world

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