What resources (RAM/CPU/Bandwidth/Disk Space) does every install get by default?

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Available resources are usually one of the first questions asked by customers looking for hosting. This is because traditional web hosts use (often misleading) marketing and sales copy to sell their services. With Dollie you can control the default resources allocated for each container you deploy, and by doing so answer those questions with confidence if your customers are interested in the technical details.

So how many resources does a deployed container use on your Dollie Node?

Because every container only does one thing (running WordPress, and nothing else) you’ll see that in the large majority of cases a container will be extremely efficient and can handle lots of traffic whilst only using a small amount of dedicated RAM and CPU cycles.

What happens when I have a website that requires more resources than the default?

Each site has fine grained controls to adjust all of its resources on the fly. If you're just getting started with Dollie, you won't see these options in your control panel just yet, simply to avoid complexity and the chances of (accidental) mistakes regarding containers configuration.

For Enterprise partners we have a dedicated dashboard where you can do this yourself.

Does it affect my costs to do this?

Our Grow as our Go pricing means you pay per container and currently we do not have any hard restrictions set on changing resources per site. That being said we will help monitor your sites and resources and flag potential resource and performance issues if needed. But in the vast majority of the cases you can simply focus on selling sites, not managing resources 🙂 

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