Why deploy and sell my sites using Dollie rather than traditional reselling or affiliate deals with a hosting company?

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So with Dollie we want to give you back control over the customers lifecycle, including the entire hosting experience. With traditional hosting (affiliate) setups you put a customer on your affiliated hosting platform, and from that point you'll usually get a one-time affiliate fee, and that's that. Another option would be to roll in the cost of hosting into your maintenance/service plans and then pay the host behind the scenes. Far not ideal, not to mention you can't really build your own branding, pricing, customer dashboard or anything else that sets you apart from your competitors.

With Dollie we give you a wide set of business models options you the developer get to decide so that you can take the monthly payment from the customer, and then cover any hosting costs or fees.

We built Dollie because there’s a competitive gap in the market between the hosting companies and you, the business owners who actually build websites, themes, and plugins. We've seen many of you stuck in the rat race of trying to find that next customer, getting that next site developer, and struggling to build sustainable businesses. Meanwhile, the hosting companies have turned into multi-million and even billion dollar corporations on the backs of these same developers.

Dollie levels the playing field. We’ve built a solution to flip the power dynamic. By empowering entrepreneur developers to build sustainable products and services and generate recurring subscription revenue.

Who takes the payment from the customer matters, which is why we give you the tools you need to be the person who controls what you charge, how and when you get paid, and then you can cover your overhead. They're your customers, not ours or the cloud providers. We act as a truly invisible partner and because Dollie runs inside your WordPress installation and is powered by WooCommerce, you have full control over everything.

Subscription prices, payment methods, trials, upselling (more backups, managed plugin/theme updates etc etc). Behind the scenes all sites can be deployed to one of your nodes/servers (AWS/Google Cloud, Digital Ocean etc) and also here you get full control over the experience of your clients.

What we're trying to say is: Dollie goes beyond just being a host for your site, it's just one of the components of our full service solution.

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