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This short guide will walk you through the process of adding domains to CloudFlare. Here at Dollie we are huge fans of CloudFlare due to their simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your customer sites. CloudFlare support is integrated with your Dollie powered services automatically so we recommend you to use and setup CloudFlare for as many (customer) sites as possible.

Here's what you need to continue with this guide

You have access to the management of the domain you want to add to CloudFlare via the domain registrar control panel.

Let's get started!

Why add your domain to CloudFlare?

Take a look at the video below to learn more about why we love CloudFlare so much.

By adding your custom domain to CloudFlare you'll benefit from:

  • Free HTTPS / SSL Certificates for your entire site
  • Free CDN
  • Additional Spam / Hack / Attack Protection
  • Advanced Site Analytics
  • Always Online Protection

Create a CloudFlare account.

Create Your CloudFlare account by clicking  here.


Go through the CloudFlare Wizard

After you have created your account you'll be taken through the CloudFlare getting started wizard.

In the Add a Website box fill in your domain name.

CloudFlare will automatically copy the DNS records of your domain. What does this mean? It means nothing about your domain configuration will change. If you are already using this domain (for example if you are migrating an existing site) everything will remain working as is.
Press Continue. 

Now it's time to select a plan. All you need is the Free Plan, and it offers all the features you need. If you are running an enterprise site or are a developer, you can always update to a Pro or Business plan at any time. But let's start with the Free plan!


Changing Your NameServers

To complete the migration of your domain to CloudFlare, you need to update your domains nameservers. This sounds a lot more complicated than it is, and we would like to refer you to the following guide written by our partners at CloudFlare.

How do I change my Nameservers?

Here's an example screenshot of how it could look like with your provider.


Verifying that your Migration to CloudFlare has completed

Now that you have changed your Nameservers you'll have to wait until these changes take affected. CloudFlare will keep you up to date about this process and will let you know when the migration is complete. Your migration is complete once you see the following screen:

Question: How do I know the migration was successful?

Your domain migration to CloudFlare was successful if your domain is showing up as "Active" in CloudFlare and your domain. You will also receive an email from CloudFlare confirming that your domain was successfully set up.

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