Separating site performance issues from infrastructure downtime

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Your WordPress websites are unique to you and your partners. You’ve chosen the customers, their plugins, the theme, and any manners of customization made to it. What happens inside these installations is unique. Users may purchase goods, browse articles, or vote in an online poll. These choices and decisions are all factors that influence how a site may perform: Random site A may easily handle millions of page views, while Random site B may barely
handle 10 visitors concurrently before suffering performance problems. Each site will perform differently under identical hosting plans. Therefore in nearly every case: A 503 error on your site is not an outage of our service.

There are some cases where our service would be to blame though: we misconfigured something, our automation failed, or there is a bug in our code. This distinction between your site and our service is important to understand in the context of an SLA.

We at Dollie will do everything we can to help you succeed, respond to issues that may arise in a prompt and professional manner, and offer guidance and advice on best practices as it pertains to WordPress performance and security.

That being said you as a partner will be end responsible for the sites hosted under your partner account, and it's important that you take good care of them.

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