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To list your blueprints, you should have created your products and created your blueprints - and linked them! Now, you can list your blueprints on your storefront as "pre-made site designs" for your prospective/existing customers to choose from.

In order to do this, you'll need to make use of:

Dollie Blueprints Shortcodes:


To use the Dollie shortcode, "", there are 4 main use cases:
1. Inserting the shortcode in the "Shortcode" elementor widget
2. Inserting the shortcode in a page/post using Gutenberg shortcode widget
3. Inserting it anywhere else (widget/legacy editor)
4. Inserting it in your (custom) theme

Elementor Widget

Using the Elementor Shortcode widget, is probably the easiest way to get started displaying your blueprints on your pages. Just find the widget in your Elementor widgets, and from there; you can drag it into the page. Once you have the wiget placed, simply enter the shortcode as indicated in the image to the right

Shortcode using Gutenberg

Much in the same way as with Elementor, simply select the shortcode block in Widgets -> Shortcode Blocks. From there, you can enter in the same shortcode. 

In the same way as the Elementor widget, this will automatically generate a Blueprint window which allows your customer to demo and purchase the site

Inserting it into your custom Theme


The shortcode incorporates directly to your custom theme, simply add:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[dollie-blueprint]' ) ?>

Directly into your page, and the shortcode will get activated for you

To learn more about how to best use your shortcodes, please read more about Shortcode Attributes

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