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One of the things that makes dollie so powerful is being able to take your blueprints and turn them into pre-made site designs for your customers to choose from. You can integrate these directly into your website pages, creating a uniquely tailored page for each of your blueprints. Or, you can even offer a veritible marketplace for your potential customers to make their site choice.

However you decide to present your bluperints, there is one thing that you'll need to understand to learn how to do it using dollie's built in display functionality

Display Blueprints using the dollie shortcode


dollie makes it simple to display your blueprints using the following shortcode: 
Typing this shortcode anywhere on your site presents your pre-made sites, allowing your customers to view the sites themselves, and then access a simple checkout of this product.

If you're using Elementor, add the shortcode widget wherever you require and then enter in 


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