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Gabriel runs a successful Themeshop with a variety of products being sold directly on his website.

– He has created 15 Site Blueprints (one Blueprint for each of his Premium Themes) which are used as the starting point for the customers signing up on his platform.
– 250 Customers are using his platform every month.
– He charges $25 for his services per site.

Gabriel earns 250x $25 = $6,250 each month

Gabriel has to pay Dollie for the sites that are on his platform.
He pays $1999 for the 250 sites.
8 of his blueprints are free (1 free blueprint per 30 sites) and he has to pay $35 (7x$5) for the remaining 7 blueprints.
His total bill to Dollie is $2034 a month.

Gabriel makes a profit of $4216 a month on his services.

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