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It is similar to WP MH in some respects, however, it really doesn't adequately reflect the value that can be attained with the Dollie. With Dollie, you get an Enterprise-Level infinitely horizontally Scalable Platform that provides an ease of sign up for your prospective clients or your own internal use. We have partners who cut out 95% of their dev time by using Dollie.

When all goes well, you can make money in your sleep with this platform. That's some productive sleep! With our advanced automation tooling, you can deploy installs in 1 click - these installs can be based on your already existing site designs (if you have them). Our system sees this website and turns it into the blueprint that future installs can be deployed from. While our platform creates a hosted bundled product, it is not accurate enough to simply call it WP Managed Hosting due to what is possible with Dollie

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