How many installs can be deployed to one server?

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This is not an easy question to answer because it depends entirely on the WordPress solution you are selling and the resources that solution requires once deployed. Here are two use cases.

John has a SaaS where he sells his flagship WooCommerce theme fully set up and configured for high-volume stores:

  • Each site has WooCommerce + 20 Plugins activated
  • Caching has to be bypassed for specific pages (checkout, account pages)
  • Because these are high volume stores, traffic(spikes) are high and constant.
  • In this scenario we might recommend John to reserve 2GB of RAM for each install and set up his pricing to factor in the reduced amount of containers he can deploy on each Dollie Node.

Suzie offers simple pre-made site designs for creatives using her flagship portfolio theme:

  • Each site uses her light-weight theme and has 4 plugins activated
  • All pages served to visitors are served directly through our SmartCaching and completely bypass WordPress from loading.
  • All images/media are automatically off-loaded to her Amazon S3 bucket.

In the above scenario each site that is deployed only requires 512MB of RAM and less than 500 MB of disk space, and Suzie can fit a 4x as many deployed sites on a Dollie Node than John.

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