How can I utilise Blueprints to build as SaaS?

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With Dollie you can create as many Blueprints as you want, and then directly sell them by connecting them to a WooCommerce subscription. Once you have built your Blueprints you can show them on your sales pages using a shortcode 

     or (if you’re a theme developer) create your own custom loops/templates.

    In the example below we are going to take a flagship premium WordPress theme and turn it into a SaaS solution.

    1. You launch a new WordPress site inside your Dollie installation i.e
    2. After you’ve launched the site, you go to the WP Admin of and you set up the theme, install the plugins and such. 
    3. You configure the entire installation according to your wishes. You can upload media, set up caching, SEO settings, permalinks etc. 
    4. Once everything is ready, go to the site dashboard in your Dollie install and click on “Blueprints”. Give your new Blueprint a name and description and link it to a WooCommerce product.
    5. To display your Blueprints on your sales pages you can use the
        shortcode, which accepts several parameters to further customize how your Blueprints are listed.
      N.B. The shortcode is implemented without an underline

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