How can I utilise Blueprints for Agency work?

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As an Agency you usually have an established workflow for when it comes to setting up fresh WordPress installations. With Blueprints:

  1. You launch a new WordPress inside your Dollie installation i.e
  2. After you’ve launched the site, you go to the WP Admin of and you install the plugins and themes you use. 
  3. You configure the entire installation according to your wishes. You can upload media, set up caching, SEO settings, permalinks etc. 
  4. Once everything is ready, go to the Site Dashboard in your Dollie install and click on “Blueprints”. You give your Blueprint a name and optionally a screenshot/custom image and description. 
  5. From this point every time you launch a new site you are given the option to select your “Client Starter” Blueprint or any other Blueprints you have created.

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