How can I delete sites as a Dollie Administrator?

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Each site can be deleted from our infrastructure using the dollie plugin. This can be done in 2 different ways:

  1. From the Front End 
  2. From the Admin

Deleting from the front end

Typically, deleting a site from the front end is done by your client (if you make it available as a Site Management tool). Your clients will see this option inside the site dashboard itself and can follow the necessary steps to removing their site. This is very straight forward‹-examplehost-—-WordPress-Google-Chrome-2021-06-17-09-58-37_1-1.mp4

Deleting from the Admin‹-examplehost-—-WordPress-Google-Chrome-2021-06-17-10-43-32_4.mp4

The partner can also delete the site from the admin using a two step process. 

  1. Stop the site
  2. Delete the site

You can see the process for this in this video

N.B: This functionality is extremely powerful and deleting sites must be done with extreme caution and dilligence

Final note: Deleting sites is an extremely powerful feature, and the partner must take create when choosing to delete a site. 

We safe guard against mistakes via the frontend by asking for confirmation of the site name. We also safe guard against mistakes via the admin by having a 2 step deletion process. 

Due to the powerful nature of this feature we've introduced the necessary safeguards to protect against mistakes. In light of this, we cannot take responsibility for any loss of data

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