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Your dollie Install - the WordPress installation where you installed the dollie plugin suite and where your customers/clients/team manage their sites/accounts.

Your Deployed WordPress Sites - The WordPress sites that been deployed by you or your customers/clients through your dollie Install

dollie Front-End Dashboard - The customer/client facing area inside your Dollie Install where your customers/clients/team go to manage their deployed sites, account settings and billing/subscription details.


(dollie) Node - The cloud infrastructure where your WordPress sites are deployed. dollie nodes can be set up on any infrastructure like Amazon, Google Cloud, OVH, DigitalOcean, Azure and more. 


dollie WP-Admin Backend - Where you as a site admin go to configure dollie and the suite of plugins it integrates with (WooCommerce, Gravity Forms etc).


Your Storefront Landing - Where you sell your services to your clients/customers. This could be a seperate (WordPress) installation or the same one as where you have the Dollie plugin suite activated.

Partner Dashboard - Found at https://partners.getdollie.com and the place where you can find documentation, support and your service/pricing agreement with us. 

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