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Does staging count as a live site and how will I be billed?

No, it doesn't. It counts as a staging site. You'll be billed each month for the amount of staging sites you have - in addition to the rest of your standard monthly bill

How do I upsell staging to my customers?

You can upsell staging like you would any other WooCommerce product. You can link your customer directly to your staging product or include it in a premium subscription bundle

Can I create staging as an add-on?

Yes, absolutely. You can create a dedicated staging product in WooCommerce Subscriptions

How much does staging cost?

Each individual staging site costs the partner $3USD 

How do I add staging to a product?

    You create a WooCommerce Subscription Product. In the Add New Product page, you'll see the following image. 

Here is where you can set your dollie options for this product. You can then price your product accordingly


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