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In order to use the Real-Time Customizer, you'll need to define placeholders inside your blueprint. 

What is a Placeholder?

A placeholder is a designated variable that will be searched for by the Real-Time Customizer's search and replace functionality. This designates which variable you want to swapped out and replaced with your customer provided information


The accepted convention for this is to set up your variable with curly brackets, e.g. {VARIABLE}. This allows you to clearly define the placeholder. It is not a requirement, just a simple convention. 

The reason we don't strictly enforce this is there are certain plugins which enforce data to be set up correctly with regards to the plugin's functionality. A good example of this is a phone number have to be in the form "+3531234567890". Entering {+3531234567890} causes an error.

Defining the placeholders

Defining the variables is incredibly simple. It just requires you to "make note" of the variables that you want to be changed out. We like to use the {VARIABLE} convention and change this on the theme's copy or inside the plugin itself

Sometimes you'll need to just enter in some dummy data too and this works perfectly fine, as you can see in the WhatsApp plugin example

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For more information, please see our Documentation on Adding Placeholders to a blueprint's settings

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