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Blueprints are clones of your existing sites that serve as the template, or "Blueprint", for future sites to be deployed from. Blueprints copy over some key files to your new site and generate other files from a sign up, so that newly deployed sites are ready to use by new users

  What is included?
  We copy over: 
  - Plugins
  - Themes
  - Media Uploads
  - The Database*

  What is excluded?
  We DO NOT copy:
  - mu-plugins folder
  - All WordPress Core Files
  - WP-Config.php
  - wp_users & wp_usermeta tables
  - Non-core folders + files outside of wp-content

To create a blueprint, navigate to your site page. In the site tab, there will be a list of options; Plugins, themes, Developer Tools, Domains, Blueprints etc (if you're missing some, and would like to see these, please see your access controls). Click on the blueprints tab and you'll be presented with the option to "Deploy a Blueprint". Creating the blueprint will present some blueprint options in the same page

Blueprint Options:

1. Product Blueprint: This option enables your blueprint to be offered as a product for prospective customers to avail of. It also presents a series of options for your blueprint to be edited
2. Private Blueprint: This makes this Blueprint only available to users with the admin role
3. Blueprint Title: This is title for the blueprint shown when using the shortcode  on      your pages.
4. Blueprint Description: This is the description for the blueprint when using the shortcode                           on your pages.
5. Link to Hosting Product: By linking this blueprint directly to a hosting product you can enable one-      click checkout + deployment for your new customers.
6. Blueprint Image: This is the image that will be shown when using the shortcode       on your pages


After Blueprint Creation:

Now that you've created a blueprint, you can either present them as a "pre-made site design" on your front facing pages using the dollie shortcode "" (if it's a public blueprint) or you can keep it for internal usage through your launch page

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