Can Dollie deploy my WordPress sites to any of my servers?

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To ensure our partners provide services that can compete with the best managed WordPress hosts on the market, we make some hard requirements if they wish to bring their own servers.

Your server will be dedicated to Dollie deployment only.

The server you provide to us will be completely dedicated to Dollie containers and comes with our own software. Our dev ops team will provision this server, and no other software can be installed. We have to make sure your server is suited for hosting potentially hundreds of sites.

You must qualify to become an Enterprise Partner (40+ live customers or an existing customer base that warrants a dedicated server)

The above might be a hurdle for your business, but we think it’s important to mention that we’re trying to do something different here. We’re letting you provide a level of service that directly competes or even outperforms big name hosting companies and agencies. If you are starting out with selling your services our non-Enterprise plans provide a perfect starting point to quickly start selling your services using Dollie. Your sites will be deployed to battle-tested, dedicated servers inside an Enterprise environment that has handled hundreds of thousands of deployments during the last decade.

If you require your own server purely because you believe your servers are faster, it’s important for us to clarify that our business model is directly tied to the success of your services, so every site we deploy and host for you needs to adhere to the same high standards you expect from us.

Your server must adhere to our base requirements

Please see our Base Server Requirements FAQ to learn more about the requirements your server needs to meet.

Why are you strict about these things? Services X & Y are much more flexible..

You might have tried other SaaS/WaaS or “host WordPress yourself” solutions quickly running into scaling and performance issues once you start seeing traction. We have a decade of experience deploying and scaling applications, so our team is here to make sure that does not happen.So to make a long story short.. If you want to bring your own server, please realise that it comes with above requirements. Also maybe reconsider letting us taking care of hosting your first customer sites, because our OVH bare metal servers are not only highly optimised, we also have a dedicated team of engineers keeping an eye on them 24/7. We are being strict because we want to your business to be successful and that means having a infrastructure foundation in place that’s built for scale.

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