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To really get the maximum control over your blueprints, you need to make use of attributes. Creating beautiful sales optimised pages for your specific blueprints require you to isolate exactly which blueprint you wish to present, as well as how you'd like to present it. Using attributes, you can alter which blueprints are being presented by id, date, blueprint quantity, and much more. 

The attributes


Below are a list of attributes that you can use with Dollie. You may want to use the shortcode like this:  and if you would like to customize how you display your blueprints, you can use some of the following attributes:

  • 'amount' => - 1,
  • 'columns' => 3,
  • 'orderby' => 'post_date',
  • 'order' => 'DESC',
  • 'category' => '',
  • 'id' => '',
  • 'checkout-url' => '',
  • 'launch-button-text' => '',
  • 'view-demo-text' => '',
  • 'custom-class' => 'blueprint-item',

So, for example, you can use shortcode like this: 

N.B: The blueprint post ID can be found by accessing the specific blueprint from "View Blueprints" in the Dollie NAV and checking the post ID:

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