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Now that we've defined our placeholders, we can add our placeholders to the blueprint settings. 

Blueprint Settings

We need to navigate to the settings of the blueprint so that we can add the placeholders for the Real-Time Customizer to use

It's inside here that we can define the 3 required data fields for each variable 

Each placeholder for the Real-Time Customizer requires 3 data fields

  1. Name 
  2. Placeholder
  3. Suggested Value
Let's break this down using the example of asking for the Customer's Name:

  • Name: This is a name/descriptor of what the variable itself is and does inside the blueprint, e.g. Name
  • Placeholder: This is the specific variable that we've defined to be swapped out, e.g. {NAME}
  • Suggested Value: This will be the value suggested to your customers, so that they know the type of information to enter in, e.g. John Doe


After entering in this information, make sure to save the changes in the WP install and make sure to "Update Blueprint". Once saved, our Data Integrity checker will check the data fields inside the Real-Time Customizer and ensure that they can be found. This certifies that your customization will be successful

In order to view this blueprint in your "launch-new-site" page, you'll need to create the blueprint settings

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