4. What ways can my install be set up?

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There are two main ways to set up your Dollie powered Service.

  1. On 1 domain
    2. On 2 domains

So, there are several items that need to be completed in order to fully complete "set up" process.
1. A domain needs to be set for your Dollie WordPress install,
2. A domain (at the authoritative DNS) needs to be pointed to our nameservers - pdns1.stratus5.com and pdns2.stratus5.com
3. The pointed domain needs to be set as your deployment domain.

These requirements can be easily met in 2 separate ways and it really depends upon how you want to set things up. This is one of the ways that Dollie starts to show its colours as a Developer Platform.

Please be aware, this is not an official guide, this is just a description of the process. For the guide, please reach out to our sales staff

Single Domain Setup


In order to set up Dollie on 1 domain, you need to:
1. At the domain registrar (authoritative DNS), point to pdns1.stratus5.com and pdns2.stratus5.com
2. Then, in our domain manager, create a naked domain pointing to the IP of your Dollie WordPress Installation
3. Go through the domain setup Wizard for your Dollie WordPress Install (can be found at cloud.getdollie.com/go-live-step-two/
4. Set this as your deployment domain in your site manager
5. Configure the API details and you're all set up

There are a few use cases for using a single domain setup. If you want to move your storefront onto Dollie so you can manage your entire service in one area, this is an ideal setup. If you want to have a dedicated Dollie install for White labelled WaaS Services, the single domain setup also works. 

If you're looking to add Dollie as a dedicated hosting platform for your existing business, you might be better off setting up with two domains so that you don't mess with your existing setup

Dual Domain Setup

In order to set up Dollie on 2 domains, you need to:
1. Wherever you are managing your primary domain, create an A record and point it towards the IP of your current address Dollie WordPress Install (likely a subdomain of your existing domain). 
2. Then, you'll need to go through the domain setup wizard for your Install. Which can be found at cloud.getdollie.com/go-live-step-two/
3. Now that you've set a domain for the Dollie WordPress install, we need to then add a secondary domain to our domain manager. So, point your domain at the authoritative DNS (Domain registrar)
4. Set this as your deployment domain in your site manager
5. Enable free automatic SSL certs
6. Configure your API Details

This setup is more suitable for people who don't wish to change their website and offer a complementary hosting service. If you'd like to learn more and discuss the various possibilities, please don't hesitate to reach out and learn more via one of the support channels (in-house chat or our official support service).

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