7. Setting upstore fundamentals (WooCommerce, Payment Gateways, Emails etc)

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Set up your storefront

    Setting up your Dollie Install so that you're ready to start enjoying a steady recurring revenue stream is very simple. All you need to do is complete the following 4 steps

  • Set up your Storefront: To set up your Dollie powered install, customise your front facing pages so that it accurately reflects the values of your company, your branding, and the service that you are going to be offering your customers. 
  • Configure your payment gateways: You can bill your clients directly for your services hooking up Stripe, PayPal or any other WooCommerce Subscriptions supported payment gateways. For more information on how to set up WooCommerce, please see their official documentation
  • Create your own subscription plans: You also need to configure the pricing of the products that you’re going to be offering. For more information on this, please see Setting up Your Dollie Products
  • Hook up your Transaction Emails: You will also need to set up your transaction emails so that they come from your own domain.
  • Congratulations, you have now set up your Storefront

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