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In order for your Dollie plugin to become functional, you'll need to connect to Dollie's API server. It's through our API server that your Dollie Site deployment and Blueprint Creation requests will be sent through. Connecting to the API server allows us to authenticate your install and enables Dollie functionality.

After Plugin Installation

You've just installed the Dollie plugin. From here, you will see a notification that you haven't authenticated with Dollie. If you don't see this, navigate to "SITEURL/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpd_api"

Here you'll be asked to connect with Dollie:


After clicking, "Connect with Dollie", you'll be redirected to "cloud.getdollie.com/consent" where you'll be prompted to either register, login, or connect: depending on what you've done.

  • Register: You register with Dollie if you have no account with Dollie - you'll get redirected to connect later
  • Login: You login to Dollie if you have created an account - you'll get redirected to connect later
  • Connect: This will authenticate your Dollie plugin with your account on cloud.getdollie.com. After successfully connecting, you'll be brought back to your install where you'll be shown that: "Your site is connected to Dollie"
Congratulations! You've now successfully connected to Dollie.

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